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The Go To Self help Book That REALLY Offers Self-Help


If you’ve lost your way here’s the compass you may need


Mid life is often the time that we may look around, compare ourselves to our peers and find ourselves wanting. Then come the BIG questions …

  • Is this it?
  • How did I get here?
  • Who am I and what am I doing?
  • Where has the time gone?
  • What went wrong?

Although this may feel like a crisis I prefer to think of it as a Wake UP Call, or an opportunity, because awareness creates the opportunity to change.

This book will help you take that first important step.  I’ve distilled for you a wealth of wisdom in bite sized chunks on the huge subjects of

  • Beliefs and values
  • Emotions
  • Thinking
  • Habits and Behaviours
  • Experiences/Outcomes

And I’ve given you the opportunity to use simple exercises to find out who you really are, what you really want and how you can really get there.

kim searle

Are You Ready?

  • To learn how to make changes easily?
  • To break habits that no longer work for you?
  • To develop behaviours that support a more empowered you!

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