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Struggling? Lost? Unhappy?

Let me help you…

Why Emotional Mastery?

I work primarily with clients in the Finance Sector.

They come to me because they have something going on that is making life difficult. Typical issues include:-

  • Overthinking
  • Overanalysing
  • Struggling with who and what they are
  • Doubting themselves
  • Lost
  • Lack of Confidence

And many more.

Even if I have several clients who come to see me for say lack of confidence, the underlying issue is always very unique – here is my real value, to make the invisible, visible and the unknown, known.


Because I go deeper than your average coach, I work intuitively and yet very practical about clearing the past issues you may have stored somewhere deep in your psyche.

I work on what you tell me AND what you don’t (did you know silences speak volumes?) and having worked with many clients over 20+years, you can be sure you are in safe hands.

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How I can Help

I help you clear old behavioural, mental and emotional blocks by showing you ways that you are able to DO SOMETHING for yourself now and in the future.

Using a personalised, 12-week programme, you will make real, noticeable changes that make the biggest impact on your world.

You will clear past blocks, insert new ways of being right now, and most importantly, creating a future vision of your future. Most of the work is done in session, all you have to do is observe and notice those changes.

Everything I do is about helping you to BE MORE YOU.

As a MINIMUM you will enjoy a greater:-

  • Believe in yourself
  • Trust in yourself and thereby others
  • Feeling of safety and security being yourself (mentally and emotionally)
  • Sense of loving and appreciating ALL that you are
  • Sense forgiveness (and others where appropriate) for the past

The by-product of this?

You can begin to experience more love, abundance, health, fun, and happiness in your life.


If not now, then when?

Thank You, Kim

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If you would like to know about working with me and how it might help you, then please get in touch.


Or call me on +44 7843 271 249

Emotional Mastery Ltd

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