2019 – A Review

Happy New Year

How quickly this year has flown!

I love this time of year, but not for reasons you might think! I love the opportunity to have time and space to reflect on the previous 12 months and plan for the coming year.

Is this something that you do? If so, here are some questions that may help you:-

Review of Past 12 Months

> So what have you done this year that you are proud of?

>What could you have done better

> If you could change one thing, what would that be?

New Plan for Next 12 Months

Now Imagine it is December 2020, just imagine:

>Who would you like to be or have more?

> What would you like to be or do this year that will make you proud?

> What one area of your life needs the most attention this year?

I love this time of year, for reflecting on what has gone, and planning what is to come. You can take the girl out of Project Management, but not Project Management out of the girl 🙂

And if you are interested this is My 2019 Review (Business & Social)

January 2019

Emotional Mastery Ltd Incorporated

February 2019

A renewed website went live

Went to a Glass Making Workshop – its good to do something different

March 2019

Was on the Sophie Personne Podcast

Went to Dr Joe Dispenza’s workshop

Attended the Avebury Matriarch workshop run by my good friend Caroline Mitchell

April 2019 

My book Midlife is NOT a Crisis, Rediscover Your Drive and Reclaim Your Happiness is published on Amazon 

Gave my first public talk at the Andover Alternative’s group using My Empowerment Model

I had was interviewed on Marlow Radio FM

Spent a weekend celebrating a Friends birthday in Barcelona

Started investing in coaching to help me in all areas of life

Spent an ABBA afternoon with a good friend recovering from chemo – singing, watching the video, prosecco and snacks. Love it!

May 2019

Attended a Business Symposium where I met some inspirational women and learnt some powerful business information

Saw Matt Kahn in London – a spiritual teacher whose interpretation of modern life is very funny!

Supported my good friend Sharon Tuschick who set up MBL (My Beautiful Ladies) on Facebook

June 2019

Enjoyed a week’s holiday in the New Forest with family 

Gave a talk at Women in Business Group about my Empowerment Model

Supported My Dreamspace Pamper and Open day Charity Event

July 2019

Enjoyed a night at Pictures in the Park watching Moulin Rouge – got chilly very quickly

Qualified as a Soul Plan Practitioner to develop my own personal path and understanding of the alternative

Spoke at Athena Basingstoke West Group to explain how much we are responsible for the success of our business

August 2019

Supported my friend Jan Jack’s Laughter House comedy show – I love comedy!

September 2019

Hosted an Athena networking event in Hungerford

Had a speaking event at the Athena event in Farnham

Attended a book talk hosted by Shirley Ducker of The OrangeRose Agency. Shirley is all about supporting local authors.

October 2019

Sponsored a charity event in aid of Mencap 

Ran an amazing one day retreat with some fellow therapists including Yoga, Ayurvedic Nutrition and Reflexology.

Attended the My VIP card awards event to support fellow business people – a high energy and inspiring evening

Attended the Women in Business Networking Event in Farnborough where I made some great connections

Hosted a LinkedIN local event in Basingstoke

Attended a workshop to develop my speaking abilities – it was called Stand Up, Reach Out, Have Fun event run by Dawn Gregory and Jan Jacks, both excellent at public performances

Trained with the team to become a Happy Confident Kids Practioner ready for 2020

Attended the Women in Business Expo in Farnborough and met up with some lovely people including Linda Huckle with whom I also attended a workshop.

November 2019

Enjoyed an awesome networking event ‘Beaujolais lunch’ at Greens in Winchester – who knew it was to be an afternoon and evening affair!

December 2019

Attended a book fair to promote my book with the lovely @shirley-anneDucker of @TheOrangeRoseAgency

Held my first Works Christmas party with my key strategist and her partner. Made me think about how I reward and recognise employees of the future

Saw an Abba tribute band at the Basingstoke Haymarket. A reminder that fun is not optional! It really lifted my spirits!

Walked around the beautiful Kew Gardens festival of light feeling childlike awe at all the stunning displays of light and music

Qualified as a Mental Health First Aid Practitioner – it was a real eye-opener and broadened my understanding of those living with extreme mental health issues

Was honoured to be able to sponsor the Hampshire Medical Fund Christmas Carol concert


I was pleasantly surprised at how much I have done this year. For those unaware, I have been experiencing Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome, which means that sometimes I struggle with my energies. It used to be known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or ME. 2020 is going to be an awesome year, and one that enables me to help others do the same!

> Ready for a better 2020 in all areas of life?

> Ready to stop pretending and Be More You?

> Ready to feel happier, healthier and enjoy more prosperous one?

Then book your no obligation call with me now and let’s understand how I can make the changes you want so much more than ever before!