Emotional Mastery

Are you tired, worn out, fed up? 

Are you a busy professional woman ready for a new lease on life?

Are You Ready?

🌧   To invest in yourself?

🌧   Wondering how to do that?

🌧   Knowing you have a lot of life still to live?

Then you are in the right place!

The BE MORE YOU  Programme is all about understanding how you have ended up where you are, and then, what you can do about it!

Discover my unique 5 step approach, leading to REAL and LONG LASTING change that starts from the moment you sign up!

Are you ready to BE MORE YOU?


Why This Could Be One of the most important you make Right NOW 

I see many clients struggling with their lives, either in one area, or multiple areas. 

Do you find yourself struggling with :

✅   Confidence
✅   Stress levels
✅   Depression
✅   Anxiety
✅   Fear
✅   People Pleasing
✅   Imposter Syndrome
✅   Conflict

The list goes on and it’s ok, you are really not alone, even if you feel it.

And I want you to know that what you are feeling is a normal part of life

That it is OK to feel what you feel, but now is the time to do something about it

ARE YOU READY, to be different?

Be More You Programme

Imagine …..taking control of what is going on for you to make REAL and SUCCESSFUL change. Because,  it is not just ‘out there’ in your external world, but something that is going on internally, deep within you.

What do I mean?

👉   Having work/career challenges? We just look for a new one
👉   A relationship not working? We leave/look for a new one
👉   Health issue? Change diet and exercise

STOP! This is the old way of making changes, now you are ready for something new and long-lasting – it is time for you to invest you. To BE MORE YOU

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein

Prepare for your future NOW

🐬  What if you could identify what holds you back and begin to work on it?

🐬  What if you could make the right changes to help life become easier?

🐬  Are you open to a different way?

🐬  Ready to invest in a new you?

What You Can Expect From BE MORE YOU

I could tell you about it, but I think it might be better if you heard it from past participants – people who have been where you are now.

Click this link to see a testimonial from Erika who joined me on the August 2020 module.

“I am more confident and feel better about things. I have been more positive in recent interviews with better feedback – I think I might be coming across calmer than before” 

‘Thinking about things I was procrastinating such as my writing” 

“I didn’t realise how stressed I was until, almost every week, these sessions kept me going.  You don’t realise what you are going through until you start to look more closely at your emotions. It made me look at myself more and say I could do this” 

“After each session, a feeling of calm like you have taken a big load off the mind so that you can start afresh the next day,  able to carry it longer and longer. I look forward to my Wednesdays – my daughter calls it my Zen class!”

“I felt like I was making peace with myself”

“Not everyone wants to go on drugs – they want to sort themselves out!”

“I was doing nothing constructive for the business. But I am now doing more around marketing, on social media, advertising and increasing my mindset. I had got stuck in a bit of a rut.”

“Helped me zoom in and focused on that and something that I will continue doing. You have given some really good nuggets on the way, plus hints and tips. It’s been nice to meet the others on the sessions and lovely.”

“Everybody has their own issue and no one is perfect and it is a comfortable group to share because you know they won’t go anywhere else. A very respectful group.”

“I now have a plan to focus on just one social media rather than 2 or 3. I have found a way to move forward.”

Is This Programme For ME Though?

Good question and an important one. So ask yourself….

Am I open to learning?

Can I respect others and their journey and thereby learn to do the same for me?

Am I willing to support and connect with others, to help them, and accept the same in return?

Am I ready to address whatever I uncover in a creative way?

Am I open to realise that I need to love myself more, and be kinder to myself?

Reasons People Join

Some reasons people have joined in the past

Client A – Signed up because she was feeling very low with her job

Client B – Signed up feeling stuck around getting a new job

Client C – Was struggling with time to work on her businesss

Client D – Working as a carer, and struggling with the weight of it all

Client E – A Teacher struggling with negativity in the family

Client F – Wanting to learn how she could help her team

Struggle, Stuck, Time issues, Burnout, Negativity, Procrastinating, Anxiety just some of the reasons people use for going through a programme like this. 

Your stories may be the same or very very different – but imagine working together to discover new insights, new ways of being, that you were unaware of. Discovering new opportunities by learning from and with a group of like-minded women.

An inclusive team to work with you, on you, and beside you

BE MORE YOU - What You Get

🐬  Free introductory video explaining the 5 step approach of the programme

🐬  Prepare before the programme with a couple of exercises to help you identify what it is you want and what is important to you. Scoring where you are now, to enable you to monitor progress by the end of the programme. 

🐬  Held over Zoom on 2 consecutive afternoons, you will enjoy, fun exercises, creative opportunities, some movement, group coaching sessions and ending with a hypnotation (hypnotic language in meditation to embed the new learnings and what it is you want) of 3.5hrs 

🐬  6 Workbooks that cover each of the topics I will be showing you to provide you with more information about the theme. These will contain a practical exercise that you will be able to use even after the programme has finished. 

🐬   At 2  guided hypnotations where you can reinforce the learning, and make real changes on the call.

🐬  A recording of the guided hypnotations to keep and use as and when you want. 


🐬  A bonus follow up 7th  group coaching session to discover how you are progressing and answer any questions that may have arisen – with a guided hyp

🐬  Bonus Group coaching call to follow up on progress – dates to be agreed in session 2.

🐬  Free access to a Facebook community to provide ongoing learning and support as you work through the process and beyond. 

🐬  All this Delivered via Zoom from the comfort of your own home.


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