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Be More You Programme

Clear your past, create your own future!


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You are so much more than you know – let’s shape your future together

The BE MORE YOU Coaching Programme

Life is full of ups and downs, and it is all part of life’s rich tapestry. For the most part, you can cope with it, deal with it, and still function well. 

However, sometimes, things can become more difficult, hectic, challenging and confusing which can lead you to overthink, overanalyse which can lead to you becoming totally overwhelmed by the demands made of you.

And it always seems these challenges come all at once.

If you find yourself experiencing more stress, anxiety, procrastination or difficulties making decisions, doubting yourself and your abilities, then this programme may be just what you need.

The BE MORE YOU Coaching Programme 

  • Are you ready to make real change?
  • Ready to be open to do whatever you have to do?
  • Want to make change FAST?

This programme is definitely a life-changing experience, it sets you on a new life trajectory, one that suits who you want to be now.

It is so easy, all you do is book your first session here now.

The Discovery Session

In the discovery session,  I will be:

  • Looking for the reasons you are unhappy
  • Listening to your experiences
  • Watching for the behavioural patterns that only an observer can see
  • Understanding the thinking that you had
  • Exploring how you felt (with no need to experience them)
  • Seeing the outcomes

I will be searching for that which I believe will make the biggest difference for you and change your life trajectory to one that you really want.

A Typical Session

Most people can experience changes from session 1, but definitely over the first 3 – 6 sessions. 

Each session will focus on one of those topics identified in the discovery session, or anything else that is important to you. Together, we will explore it in more detail and I will then work with you to facilitate change.

What I love about the process is that afterwards, all you need to do is just observe the changes!

From approximately session 4/5, I will have already begun to prime your unconscious mind with what it is you DO want, using your words and desires.

Your Investment

The impact of the work we do together, will have a compound effect. What does this mean for you? The unconscious mind re-learns what it is you really want and before long, it will become the new normal.

Why do I tell you this? Because your investment is not just for the now, but for your future!

What would it be like to feel:-

  • More in control of what you are doing, who you are and where you are going?
  • Feeling happier, calmer, more peaceful, confident, more of what you want?
  • What would that be truly worth?

What is required from you?

An open mind and a willingness to be guided to the changes you need to make.

A commitment that you are ready to do whatever it takes, as I steer you in the right direction to make the changes you are wanting.

Sometimes, people just get in their own way and when this happens, we can work together to find out what that is all about.

With your open mind and willingness and my vast experience of over 20 years, together we can find out what that needs to be done! 

I would love to work with you – book your first session now!


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Are You Ready?

  • To learn how to make changes easily?
  • To break habits that no longer work for you?
  • To develop behaviours that support a more empowered you!

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